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Artificial Intelligence Programmer by day (we don't know what that is either) Pop/Rock singer by night. Dan began his singing career 7 years ago and has been involved in various bands in the South West; after leaving his role as a Software Engineer at Allen & Heath in Cornwall, he moved to Bristol in 2020 to be apart of the music scene (just in time for lockdown!) and most recently joining us as our newest member (who is yet to realise what he's got himself into!!)

Electric Guitar


Lead Guitarist

Ben is the 'Jack Black' of the group, always having a sing along with his students, in his very own 'School of Rock'! He has been playing guitar for over 15 years now and has played in several bands in and around the South West - one of which supported the legendary Wurzles! Switching Degrees to music at University, Ben has been relentlessly pursuing the path of guitaring perfection, mastering licks from Slash to Brian May.




This 'hitting things with sticks' enthusiast is our drummer, Liam. Since the age of 8, Liam has been playing the drums, and we are the first lucky band to take his gigging virginity away, and he has certainly fitted right in with us. The drumming perfectionist never misses a beat, or high note, with his crowd pleasing backing vocals on the 00's hit Teenage Dirtbag! 

A White Bass Guitar



Dato, the band's proud grandfather, began playing the six string guitar from the tender age of 7. Then, in ye olde ancient times of 1979, swapped to the five string bass guitar (that's right, your average four strings are just not enough for Dato!). He has played in countless cover bands all over his home country of Portugal, and we are now lucky to have him here in Bristol!

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